What is Gingivitis, and How Can I Treat it?

The main signs that you may be suffering from gingivitis is red puffy gums that bleed when brushing or flossing. With good oral hygiene, such as brushing longer and more often, and flossing, gingivitis will often resolves itself.

In milder cases of gingivitis, the patient may be unaware that they have it, but it should always be taken seriously and met with proper dental care.


Types of Gingivitis

There are two main types of gingivitis, dental-plaque induced, and non dental plaque induced.

Dental plaque induced gingival disease is often caused by plaque buildup around the gums, medications, systemic factors, or malnutrition.

Non-plaque induced gingival lesions is caused by specific bacteria, virus or fungus. It can also be caused by various genetic factors, conditions, wounds or dentures.


The most common cause of gingivitis is plaque buildup on the teeth and around the gums. The buildup of plaque triggers a natural immune response which can then lead to the destruction of gum tissue. If untreated, gingivitis can lead to more complications and even result in losing teeth.

Other Causes

Some diseases- Diabetes, cancer, and HIV are linked to a high risk of gingivitis

Smoking- Regular smokers are more likely to contract gingivitis than non-smokers.

Changes in Hormones- This may occur during puberty, the menstrual cycle, menopause,or pregnancy. The gingiva might become more sensitive, which raises the risk of inflammation.

Poor Diet- Vitamin- C deficiency had been linked to gingivitis


When diagnosis happens early gingivitis can be reversed. Treatment includes professional dental care followed by at home care.

When receiving professional care the dentist will remove tartar and plaque build up on all the teeth and show a patient how to brush and floss properly to avoid another case.

The dentists at Dental Made Easy are among some of the best dentists in Queens. They will work with you to come up with a plan to best treat your gingivitis or any other oral health concerns that you may have.

Care at home

Dental Made Easy professionals advise patients to:

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