Veneers vs Dental Implants

What is a Veneer?

A veneer acts as a covering to already existing teeth and it's purpose is to improve the tooth’s overall appearance. Veneers are typically made from a thin material, usaully porcelain, and are bonded to the tooth’s exterior using glue. The veneers are created with the intention of restoring the patient’s natural smile and improving the appearance by correcting imperfections.

What is a Dental Implant?

On the other hand, a dental implant is an artificial tooth. Implants are used for patients who have had teeth have fall out or those that require complete removal of thier teeth due to certain illnesses. Dental Implants are placed inside the bone as an artificial root and then covered with a what’s known as a crown. Dental implants would not be performed on patients if the only problem that they have are surface imperfections, or if theyre teeth are in relatively good shape.  When that is the case, we reccomend veneers to the patiemts.

Veneers and Implants Compared

It is possible that veneers can shift if they are not properly bonded to your teeth . If this occurs, they tend to recede from your gum line, which can cause problems down the line like tooth decay and gum disease. Also, veneers usually last anywhere from 10-15 years before replacements are needed. Dental implants are usually a life-long solution and tend to last last about 25-30 years. Dental implants are inserted and attached directly into bone to provide a strong anchor for artificial teeth.

Ask A Specialist

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