Tips to Avoid Tooth Decay and Cavaties

Tip #1: Brush You're Teeth Regularly

This is obviously a given, but necessary that we include because the way you brush your teeth, the toothbrush you use, and the tooth paste that you use can greatly impact your oral health and affect your chances of tooth decay. Here is a link from the ADA that demonstrates proper teeth brushing technique:

Brushing regularly helps to cut down on bacteria that causes bad breath, and gets rid of plaque that will eventually cause tooth decay.

Tip #2: FLOSS!

Flossing is one of the most overlooked elements of dental hygeine, but is integral in preventing tooth decay and unwanted cavaties. Brushing does not reach all the sides of the teeth, there are some spots that only flossing can reach, like in between very close teeth. Ideally, we reccomend flossing after every meal but if you can fit flossing into your schedule at east once a day, you will greatly decrease your chances of getting a cavity.

Tip #3: Cut Down on Acidic and Sugary Drinks

Drinks like soda, coffee, and tea can really take a toll on your teeth after some time. The acidity in soda, plus the sugar is terrible for your teeth becuase it wears down on the enamal over time. Daily coffee is also discouraged if you want to avoid tooth deay and discoloration. However, if you are going to have some of these drinks, limit your drinking time to 20 minutes, or use a straw to limit exposure to your teeth. We also reccomend rinsing with water after any sugary drink to reduce your chances of tooth decay.

Tip #4: Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year for a Professional Cleaning

The best way to ensure that you're brushing correctly and taking good care of your teeth is by visiting your dentist twice a year for an exam and cleaning. For people who don't have dental insurance, this could be expensive, but for the month of May Dental Made Easy is offering a $59 Cleaning Special to the first 50 new patients that sign up here:

Give us a call at (718)507-7781 to schedule your appointment, or if you have questions about the other services we offer such as veneers, implants, extractions, and root canals. We are located in Forest Hills Queens 11375 and are open on weekends and during late evening hours. We are the Best General Dentists in Queens and Forest Hills NY.


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