4 Reasons to Consider Invisalign® Over Metal Braces

The days of uncomfortable metal wires and visible brackets are no more. Invisalign offers patients a new way to straighten thier teeth that's just as, if not more effective then braces. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider ditching the metal for the plastic aligners known as Inviaslign.

1. More Comfort

The cutting edge technology possesed by Invialsign has caused it to become the number one removable dental brace in the world.

Invisalign moves teeth into thier proper postition gently and gradually over time. Metal braces require glued on brackets that can sometimes become displaced and wires that rub on the lips and gums causing sores. With Invisalign, the plastic retainers are not nearly as harsh in the mouth becuase of the material that they are made out of. At Dental Made Easy in Forest Hills New York, we make sure that our patients leave with a comfortable aligner customized to fit them perfectly.

2. They are Removable

Metal braces restrict what a patient can eat and how well they can upkeep thier dental hygeine. With Invisalign, the plastic aligners are easily removable allowing a patient to take them off when they want to eat thier favorite chewy or hard foods, and allowing them to brush thier teeth properly afterwards. Many people worry about breaking or misplacing their aligners. In the rare case that a dental emergency occurs, Dental Made Easy is open on weekends and late nights, allowing patients to come in whenever their schedule permits.

3. They are Discreet

For older patients who may want to straighten thier teeth but don't want the metal braces look, Invisalign offer a more professional appearing alternative. The same goes for young teens who may not want to stand out among peers or be the target of bullying. They are virtually undetectable by anyone else and offer a sleek transparent look compared to metal brackets.

4. Can Fix Facial, Jaw and Neck Pain

Invisalign aligners can realign the jaw, potentially lessening the effects of sore facial muscles and jaw pain. Wearing an Invisalign aligner can stop teeth grinding and TMD symptoms. The dentists at Dental Made Easy make the process as smooth as possible at their Queens office and even perform extractions if necessary in the case of crowded teeth.


If you are in the Queens area and are interestied in Invisalign, come by our beautiful Forest Hills office for a consulation. We are having our Spring Special, which includes Invisagln at a lower price!

Jeanelle F.

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