10 Tips to Help Your Kids Overcome Dental Anxiety

Once your child exits the womb, you do everything you can to make sure their development is on the right track and that important milestones are met throughout their young lives. An important aspect of this oversight is good dental care, which plays an integral role in setting them up for a lifetime of good overall health. As your child first gets introduced to doctors of all kinds, there’s an understandable amount of fear that can accompany these visits to strange places where people poke and prod them, sometimes even causing them pain.

At Dental Made Easy, we specialize in family dentistry, including dental care for the youngest members, and we do everything we can to take the anxiety and fear out of a trip to the dentist. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is trained to put our littlest Queens, Five Towns, and Brooklyn, New York, area patients at ease, and you can do your part at home to better prepare your child for their dental visits with us.

Here are 10 tips to help your child overcome dental anxiety:

1. The sooner, the better

As soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, usually around the age of one, make an appointment with us. This all-important first visit gets your child used to our offices at an early age, and it’s a great time for you to educate yourself on your child’s teeth.

2. No big deal

Don’t make a big deal about going to the dentist. Perhaps you just slide it in as an aside, as part of the day’s activities. If there’s a big build-up, your child will wonder why.

3.  Keep calm and carry on

Between 30 and 40 million Americans have dental anxiety and if you figure among these numbers, try to keep it from your child. Children are in tune to their parents and can easily sense when you’re afraid of something.

4. Call in a replacement

If you, as an adult, have a sizeable fear of the dentist, consider having another family member, whom your child trusts, to take your child to their dental appointment. Whether it’s your partner, relative, or family friend, these visits can be part of their bonding time before and after.

5. The devil’s in the details

Give as few details as possible about the visit. You’re better off letting us handle the particulars while you simply say that you’re going in order to ensure that your child’s beautiful smile remains beautiful.

6. Bribery gets you nowhere

Resist the urge to offer bribes because children are usually on to this trick. Kids are smarter than we think, and they’ll wonder why you’re offering ice cream when they never get ice cream, jumping to the conclusion that something really bad is afoot.

7. Recon

If you’re new to the area, you can arrange to bring your child in to our offices before your visit to introduce them to this foreign environment. We won’t do anything, except maybe ask to see their teeth or smile.

8. Counting up

As your child’s teeth come in, you can make a fun game out of counting them. To further the game, you can tell them that they can show off their counting, and their teeth, to us here.

9. Make brushing fun

As you teach your child to brush their teeth, make it a fun time, not a chore, during which time you discuss how having great teeth means they can eat things like corn and apples. We will do our part to further this education to instill a great foundation of good dental health.

10. Lend a han

If your child does fuss or cry, it’s perfectly natural. Simply smile, and give your child your hand to let them know that everything is going to be OK — and it will be!

To get started on your child’s dental healthcare, please give us a call, or use the online booking tool found on this website to schedule a visit.

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